Our 'love and loyalty' define us as Muleriders. We are thankful for you and all of our faithful alumni and friends!

This year has been tough, but we want to spread love and positivity during the holiday season. Please use this website to publicly share your appreciation for an SAU professor, staff member, or classmate.

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Jackson McCurdy (2015)

There are so many individuals out there that I could include in this message, but I would like to say I am truly thankful for Coach Steve Browning and Coach Justin Pettigrew. They gave me the chance to continue my dream of playing college baseball and attend the best business school in the country. Without their belief in me and taking a chance on me, there is no telling where my path would have taken me and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. To say I have been blessed is an understatement, and I am forever thankful to be a Mulerider!

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Tina ( Hofstetter) Moore (2005)

Dr. Jim Tollett who kept trying to persuade me to come to SAU from South Texas and even finding me my first roommate in the dorms. Without him I would have missed out on so many adventures and opportunities while attending SAU and making lifelong friends and family.

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Edward Kardas (1980)

I arrived at Shreveport on a rainy night in March 1980. Dr. Ida Flemister met me at the airport along with a student; they had been to a show at Centenary College earlier. Because it was pouring I offered to drive to Magnolia and Flemister readily agreed. I had spent two cold years in Milwaukee and was looking to move somewhere warmer, having spent five years at LSU in graduate school previously. The next two days were rushed as interviews tend to be. Dr. Brinson's office was in the library as Overstreet was being renovated. He and I played one-wall raquetball some the first year I was on campus. Bob Cole emphasized how paying one's bills was sacrosanct. Before heading back Dr. Joe Bates and I spoke while looking north over the SAU farm. A few weeks later, Dr. Brinson called and offered me the position I have held since. I was able to get him to up his original offer by $400. My starting salary then would be the equivalent to $51,825 now. In case you are wondering, I'm not done with SAU quite yet. Being forced to teach online has been different and interesting. Be nice to get back in the classroom soon.

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Cara Schroeder (2011)

Dr. Pierre Boumtje made my SAU experience more than I could have imagined. He believed in me, gave me the opportunity to push myself, and encouraged me to go to grad school. This man was one of the kindest, intelligent men, I’ve met in academia, and my life would have been far emptier without him and the SAU Ag department.

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Patsy Ferguson Taylor (1971)

I am so thankful for Gayle White, my business instructor. She was always kind and patient with me. I could always depend on her for help when I needed it. She would always encourage me not to give up, stay in school and you can make it if you try. I owe my success to Ms. Gayle White.

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Robert Keys (1968)

During my time at SAU (then Southern State College), Professor Calvin Wetzig was an inspiration to me. I had Calculus (2 semesters; the way they taught it then!) and Differential Equations under Mr. Wetzig. He was a wonderful professor who always assigned a great deal of homework. The homework did not count toward your grade; however, when test time came, Mr. Wetzig always took homework doers and non-doers into account by counting off less for simple mistakes for those that did homework. His classes were always an inspiration as he filled the chalkboards with problems each day!

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Louie Avery (1981)

Monroe Ingram and Dr. Hafner stuck with me and encouraged me to never give up. I took 12 years to get a degree, because I left school in 1972 needing 3 hours. Saw Dr. Hafner at a football game in 1981 and he told me it was time to go back to school and get that diploma. Didn’t change my career or get me a raise, but made my mom and, Dr. Hafner and Coach Ingram proud. That meant the world to me. I retired in 2014 as Sports Editor of the Texarkana Gazette.

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Miranda Bryan (2017)

From my college days (and still now), I am thankful for Jessica Hammett and Christie Hough. On my very first day of classes, I was extremely nervous... I am from a small town, and being at college with many more students was very intimidating. The biggest comfort I had going into my first class was that Jessica Hammett, one of my lifelong friends, was in that same class with me. My first class ever at SAU was with Dr. Christie Hough. She was very caring and welcoming, which helped alleviate my worries. Dr. Hough later became a mentor and friend of mine. Without those two and their encouragement, I am not sure I could have survived my college years! As an employee, I am especially thankful for Kandice Herron and Lydia Lindsey. My first year of working here has been trying to say the least! The pandemic made everything crazy! Kandice and Lydia have been with me every step of the way and they have answered each question I have had. I could not have survived this year without them and I am looking forward to more. They have definitely made SAU feel like home!

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Emily McFerrin (2020)

I’m thankful for Dr. Lisa Oden. She is a wonderful educator, person, and mentor. She is always so full of life no matter what is going on in her personal life. She was one of my biggest encouragers throughout college, and she always pushed me to do my best. I look up to her so much. Thank you, Dr. Oden! I want to be you when I grow up, hehehe!!

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Alice Fanning (2002)

I am thankful for SAU: the administrative personnel, faculty, staff, and students. I have been blessed to be able to work with so many wonderfully, supportive people that live the slogan, "It Feels Like Home." As a graduate of SAU and now a faculty member, I am also thankful for Dr. Scott White. Several years ago, he was my Chemistry Professor when I was pursuing a nursing degree. He took the extra time to advise me on courses and the best path to take. Now, he is a colleague that continues to mentor and help guide me in the professional realm. Mulerider Strong!

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Jim Alberding (1999)

I am thankful for the friendship and mentorship of Dean J Courson. He always believed in us and taught us to dream big dreams.

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Bekah Kee (2005)

My time at SAU was such a fun and memorable experience and the Art Department became my home away from home. Ad a freshman, I knew I wanted to be an art major but I wasn't sure what skill I wanted to focus on since I loved all mediums of art. As a recipient of the Shirley Jeffcoat-Combs scholarship, I had the opportunity to work in the art department all 4 years as a student worker. Doug Waterfield was the professor I worked specifically for & he became my mentor, and in fact, helped & encouraged me to choose graphic art as my art major. The art department at that time was just coming into web design and more graphic art but Mr. Waterfield saw special skills in each student and never let us slack off or let our talents & need for pen and paper (and various other mediums) to go to waste. The hours in illustration class are some of the most memorable times I had, and days I miss, under his guidance. He helped me to always do my best and work far beyond what I thought I could do and accomplish. To this day, when I feel like my art, design or creativity isn't "good enough" I can hear his voice of encouragement in my head helping me to try harder. He truly loved his students and made us all feel like his own kids. I will never forget those days and his amazing leadership in the SAU Art Department where he was always helping me be the artist and creator I am now. Thank you "Waterfield"!

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Reagan Harvill (2020)

I'm thankful for Mr. J.P. Wilson and all of the band staff taking a chance on me and to all my professors, especially Dr. Deseguirant, Dr. Dykema, Dr. David Murphy and Dr. Natalia Murphy, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. John Schneiderwind, Dr. Paul Babbit, Dr. Svetlana Paulson, Dr. Charles Young, Dr. James McQuiston, Dr. Carl Drexler, Mrs. Cooper-Williams, Dr. Kimberly Graham, Mrs. Sharon Ard, Dr. Linda Tucker and the late Dr. Donnis Taylor for all the great experiences in their classes. I'm thankful for my friends and the BCM. Now thankful for SAU+VISTA and thankful for Katherine Berry, Mandy Sharpe and Allysia Hunter taking a chance on me and allowing me to serve my campus and the community.

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Christie Hough

For this year: Drew Glover, you were/are amazing!! I have no idea how we would have survived Covid without you! Then we had extra problems with my textbook publisher and you never once made me feel like you were frustrated with all you were going through! Thank you SO much!! Miranda Bryan and Rebecca Rand.... THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! With the MBA numbers exploding during this trying year, you two kept me going! You kept my classes on track when I was so busy adding students I couldn't see straight and encouraged me when I was so tired! You two are the best Graduate Assistants/Friends any professor/person could ever ask for!! Forever grateful!!

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Jenny Sanders (2002)

Dr. Kim Bloss has had a profound impact on my life. During the time I worked as her GA, she became family to me. She taught me so much about being a counselor but even more about being compassionate, hard working, a visionary, and passionate about all that we do. I have a great career at SAU Tech and she is directly responsible for that. I vividly remember the phone call when she told me about the position and encouraged me to apply. Dr. Bloss has been my professor, boss, mentor, family, and now dear friend. I would not be the person I am today without her influence. I’m eternally thankful for SAU for bringing her into my life!

Megan McCurdy (2014)

A special note to my very first college roommate Emily McPherson!

Neriah Brown (2018)

There were many SAU staff members that I met throughout my time at SAU that made me feel that is was where I was supposed to be.

Wilson Impson (2018)

I am incredibly grateful for the SAU staff, including Josh Jenkins, that took the time to invest in me. Go Muleriders!

Josh Kee (2002)

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Heather Gorman (2016)

I am thankful for my fellow members of the SAU Advancement Team. Josh, Jackson, Wilson, Angie, Neriah, Macy, Brooke, Pat, Megan, Sharon, and Haley, it is such a pleasure to work with each of you and to learn from you. The work that you do inspires me daily and I am blessed to be a member of this team.